Services for Private Persons


We take care of children’s custody, place of residence, access and child-support issues as well as court trials thereof.

It is wise to seek expert advice as early on as possible in all issues that concern divorce or common-law separation. Together with our client, we seek a solution that is best suited to their situation. We look into the possibility of solving issues through out-of-court settlements or through mediation. We also take care of issues that concern children being taken into custody.

In the event that the access rights of a child and parent are not respected, we look into to the possibility of making an application to have these rights enforced.

We are experts in all matters that concern matrimonial-asset distribution, i.e., property issues. We assist in the division of property or separation thereof, and we also act as executors of estates, as appointed by the District Court. We prepare pre-nuptial agreements and deeds of gift, and we also advise our clients on other property-related issues that concern property, whilst also taking taxation aspects into account.


We advise our clients on all issues that concern inheritance law, ranging from inheritance-tax planning to making a will as well as on issues that concern the administering and distribution of an estate.

We prepare individual guardian powers-of-attorney and we give advice on the use thereof. We act as executors of wills, as executors and distributors of estates, and we also assist in all estate-related issues.


We act as guardian substitutes for under-aged children, as appointed by the District Court, and represent them in various court trials. We take care of issues that concern the confirmation or overruling of paternity.


Our Attorneys are well-connected to other Attorneys abroad who work in the field of international family law. We, furthermore, constantly participate in training in this field, also abroad.

Internationalisation brings its own challenges also to legal issues. We take care of various types of family and inheritance cases that have some type of international aspect. Before moving abroad or before marrying a foreigner, there is reason to look into the legal implications thereof.

We have very extensive experience in issues that concern the return of a child as well as in child-abduction issues. Before moving to another country with a child, there is reason to look into the legal implications that the move may have.

In addition to Finnish, our Attorneys also offer services in English and in German.


Our Advocates have vast experience in taking care of various types of criminal cases as representatives of both defendants as well as of plaintiffs. We are particularly experienced in the field of financial crime (e.g., aggravated tax fraud, criminal offences of a debtor, money laundering).

Our Advocates who specialise in criminal cases take care of all types of criminal cases ranging from domestic-violence cases to drugs offences as well as from freedom-of-speech violations to employment-discrimination offences. We also take care of restraining-order issues.

Using the services of a lawyer as early on as the preliminary-investigation stage improves the client’s position.

A party in a criminal case has the possibility to have their expenses covered either by their counterpart, their insurance company or from state funds.


We advise and assist in all cases that concern the legal issues of an individual employee or civil servant. We are particularly experienced in court cases that concern the termination of employment or civil service.


We take care of issues that concern claims for damages for companies and individual persons.

When agreement cannot be found in cases that concern liability for damages, we assist throughout the damages-claim trial as well as in the collection of damages from the party that is liable for damages or from the State Treasury.


Fundamental and human rights have become increasingly common in several court trials. After having exhausted domestic legal remedies, we look into the possibility of appealing to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).


Our strong areas of focus include housing, housing corporations and property.

Our Advocates give expert advice on problems and disputes that concern real-estate and property transactions. In each individual case, they consider whether there has been such an error in the client’s real-estate or property transaction that might merit, e.g., the cancellation of the transaction or at least a reduction in the purchase price.

We also offer expert advice to both lessors as well lessees on issues that concern the renting of housing and commercial properties.


We assist our clients and give advice on various issues that are processed in the Administrative Courts. These include, e.g., issues that concern civil service, nationality, residence permits as well as taxation.

In cases where a child is taken into custody, we assist in any possible negotiations with the authorities, in preparing appeals in regard to children’s urgent placements as well as in preparing responses to taking-into-custody applications.

When certain preconditions are met, it is possible to get legal aid in administrative-law appeal cases.


Our Advocates assist either the applicant or the person or company subject to enforcement proceedings in various debt-recovery issues and other enforcement proceedings.

We are familiar with the procedures of debt recovery and the various options thereof from both the creditor’s and well as the debtor’s standpoint. We are also particularly experienced in more demanding situations that are subject to interpretation, such as debt-recovery appeals as well as enforcement disputes.


Our Advocates have decades of experience in various trials that concern both civil cases as well as criminal cases. We also act as case-specific, appointed guardian substitutes.