Services for Companies

Our office offers extensive legal services to companies and other entities, such as associations, public entities as well as foundations. Our areas of focus include SME’s as well as the separately mentioned fields of law.

We are also particularly experienced in taking care of personal legal issues of entrepreneurs and leaders in the corporate world. With family-owned companies and small enterprises, in particular, there is the need to reconcile the legal interests of the company and the owners.


We offer legal advice on the various areas and stages of contract law, with the aim to assist in the establishment of a framework that will support our clients’ business and other operations whilst acknowledging operational risks. A contract that causes conflict at a later stage is often a poor contract.

We prepare contracts that are needed in our clients’ business operations, and we assist our clients in contract negotiations both when considering whether to enter into a contract as well as during negotiations, and in situations of interpretation and dispute.


We assist, and give advice to, companies of various forms throughout their entire life cycle, in other words, from when the companies are founded. However, we do not take on bankruptcy cases.

We offer consultancy services in regard to all issues that concern company administration, and we advise, in particular, private limited companies on the content of the laws that govern the company operations and on how to reconcile these with the individual needs of our client company. Those in company management must be familiar with the, often mandatory, legislation that regulates the company operations.


We aim to give our clients access to our own expertise as exhaustively and proactively as possible. This is why we assist our clients in the arrangement of administration and in the organisation of the company in general, in preparing the business-operations contracts, in various situations of negotiation and also, naturally, in conflict management. Clients get the best and most cost-efficient assistance when the company and its representatives know their attorney-at-law, and their attorney-at-law knows them. The best means of dealing with problems is to prevent them pre-emptively.

In the event that, despite pre-emptive measures, the company becomes involved in a trial or other process, our Advocates also offer efficient assistance in these situations of conflict. We act as attorneys or lawyers for companies or for their management in lawsuits or criminal trials as well in various administrative processes. Solving disputes is one of our strongest areas of focus.


We assist companies, and offer consulting services, in solving all legal problems, in preparing contracts and in trials.


In the event that our client company suffers damages as a result of the actions of its own contracting partner or of a third party, we offer assistance throughout all of the stages of the compensation process up until the enforcement of the dispute, in other words until debt-recovery measures.

Correspondingly, we assist in negotiations and in possible trials in the event that our client becomes subject to claims for damages.


Our particular area of focus is to serve our corporate clients when their business operations become subject to criminal-law issues or issues related thereto. As a consequence of the changes that criminal law has undergone, companies increasingly find themselves involved in criminal proceedings in which they face various claims for compensation. Therefore, companies must invest much more heavily than before in the identification and the management of the risks that their respective business operations include.

Our Advocates have vast experience in assisting in financial-crime cases as well as in compliance guidance when preventing internal offenses and in dealing with offenses that the company has already become subject to, and in assisting in a company’s court processes.

Typical internal and/or external crimes that our client companies and members of management may potentially become subject to include embezzlement, violations of a position of trust, subsidy and other fraud, accounting offences, tax offences, debtor offences as well as labour and environmental offences. All of these offences can be prevented in advance by acting prudently and correctly.


The significance of labour law has increased strongly since the beginning of the 2000s. Our office has experience in solving labour-law problems for companies of various forms and other entities. We also act as advisers to public entities in issues that concern civil-service law.

Labour-law issues may arise both as a result of an employer’s own decisions as well as through demands that are presented to the company by its employees and the authorities. In such situations, it is often absolutely necessary to seek outside, expert assistance.

We assist in, and give advice on, all issues that concern labour law and civil-service law, such as individual issues that concern employment and public office, occupational health and safety as well as employment discrimination.