Attorneys-at-Law Obstbaum Legal Ltd

Our office was founded by the renowned advocate Tobias Obstbaum in 1933 in Helsinki. Our new name, Attorneys-at-Law Obstbaum Legal Ltd, originates from the merging of Attorneys-at-Law Ulla-Riitta Harju & Co. with our office in 2014. Our four Attorneys Tiina Haapa-aho, Ulla-Riitta Harju, Anna Pellosniemi and Antti Sorjonen all have a wide range of experience working as attorneys. LL.M Petrik Obstbaum acts as Counsel. Our Advocates are assisted by a legal secretary and law-school students acting as legal assistants.

We are a traditional, full-service law firm with a clientele that ranges from private individuals to companies. We offer extensive legal services in various fields of law, in issues concerning both disputes as well as criminal offenses. We have experience and strong expertise also in issues that concern applications as well as in administrative-law processes. One particular area of our Attorneys’ expertise is their long-term experience in taking care of various types of trials, ranging from challenging family-law disputes to demanding and extensive criminal and dispute processes.
We offer legal services in Finnish, English, German and French.

We invest in the high quality of our legal services as well as in customer satisfaction by operating flexibly, reliably as well as professionally, whilst recognising our clients’ individual needs. We constantly participate in further training both in Finland as well as abroad. Our Attorneys are professionals who are respected by both clients as well as colleagues, and they have held various positions of trust, e.g., in the Finnish Bar Association and in the Association of Finnish Lawyers.

Suomen_Asianajajaliiton_logoOur entire staff observes the rules of the Finnish Bar Association as well as proper professional conduct under the supervision of the Finnish Bar Association.